Vamps Scamps: Progress!

2017-03-28 15:20:38 by Stewartoons

Super happy to announce that the script for episode one of Vamps' Scamps is complete! If you'd like to stay up to date on this project, follow me on YouTube or Twitter

The charater rigs are also progressing nicely. Here's Vamps!


That's it for today's update, carry on Newgrounders!

Projects Currently in Production

2017-03-15 10:58:21 by Stewartoons

Hey there, Newgrounds dwellers! Just thought I'd update you on some current projects of mine that you should get excited for. 

Spacegirl and Barkbark:
Graphic Novel
Release Date: Mid-June, 2017 (Print Only)

An unlikely friendship between an alien and a dog forms as they both try to prevent an interstellar war.

Comet Me Bro
Release Date: Late 2018 - Early 2019(?)

Short animation about a velociraptor who must save all of dino-kind from their untimely demise. This animation will run the film festival circuit before premiering online.

Coffee Shop Smack Down:
Video Game
Release Date: Undertemined

Coffee Shop Smack Down is a 2D fighter currently in development. Play as Arnold, a disgruntled, chronically late employee on lunch break. Beat up unlikely foes (children, the elderly, etc) to reach the front of the coffee shop line in a timely manner so that you don't lose your job.

Vamps' Scamps:
Animated Series
Release Date: Undetermined

I'm currently rigging the characters for the pilot episode of Vamps' Scamps, which will premiere here on Newgrounds. This will be a rather long term side project but stay tuned for regular updates. This character right here is Pinwheel, a mischievious genius from an orphanage who is always causing trouble for Vamps. Who is Vamps, you ask? Oh, just the vampire who has taken over an orphanage after accidentally incapacitating it's owner. No biggie.


In the meantime, as you await these projects, you could always check out my YouTube Channel where I frequently do speedpaints.